The Delta County Historical Society is grateful for the generous donations that are made each year to our museum, archives and lighthouse. Our entire collection of historic artifacts was obtained through donations dating back to the 1950s. If you are interested in donating items of historical significance, please visit our museum or archives at our open hours. A phone call (906)789-6790 or quick email ( would also work for those who are not within driving distance of our museum or archives.

Some quick guidelines about donating:

  • We do not accept items just because they are old. We are only interested in items that are relevant to the history of Delta County and its people. We are, for the most part, uninterested in textiles, newspapers and books. However, there are always exceptions for such items with great historical importance to the county.
  • Due to limited space in our museum and lighthouse, the donation of an artifact(s) does not mean it will be displayed right away nor permanently. We will however do our best to care for and preserve the history of our artifacts that will be displayed at a future time.
  • Without the thoughtful donations of our patrons past and present, the museum, lighthouse and archives would not be what it is today. And for that we say Thank You.

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