If you are not currently a member of the Delta County Historical Society, joining is quite simple. Just  fill out the form below, accompanied by payment of the appropriate and very economical fee, and mail it to us at this address:

Delta County Historical Society
16 Beaumier Way
Escanaba, MI 49829

Please remember that even if you are already a member, you may make a donation to the society anytime by using this form. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous support of our members and patrons.

Membership Categories

  • Basic Membership, per year        $25.00
  • Family Membership, per year      $35.00
  • Commercial, per year                    $100.00
  • Individual Life Membership          $200.00





Memberships                        New                                        Renewal

Single                               ________       $  25.00                 _________

Family                              ________       $  35.00                  _________

Commercial                    ________       $ 100.00               _________

Individual Life                ________       $ 200.00    

If you wish to give a Gift Membership, please be
sure to give the name of the person to whom the
gift card is to go, and we will send a card.  Please
give your own name as you want it to appear on
the card as the donor.

Dues to the Delta County Historical Society run from the
date the membership is received for one year. Gift
memberships may be given for any occasion.
All money collected goes to support the work of the
Historical Society.


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